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Make a Lite App from any site. Or pick from our vast Library.


Add your own, or use the ones that came with it.

Quick Settings

Toggle modes, change text size, all right there.

Lite Apps are fast and lean Web apps,
tightly integrated with Android.

Icons on your Home Screen

Windows in the Apps list

Share directly from other apps

Designed around 3 Core Principles




  • No background battery drain
  • Tiny app: under 3 MB!
  • Reader Mode
  • Data Saver
  • Images on/off
  • JavaScript on/off

Designed for Lite Apps

Don’t take our word for it. Read these reviews!

“The app I've been waiting for. Jumped on the premium version of this immediately and couldn't wait to uninstall all the other battery-sucking apps that Hermit takes care of.”

Jody Stadler

“Lightweight and fast It's lightweight and fast. Much less resource hungry and intrusive than some native apps.”

Bryan Adams

“Highly recommended! Great work! Finally I can get rid of annoying Facebook app and replaced it with something much lighter. Best app!”

Filip Ziebo

“Wondering when they were gonna meet a need for a app without the decreased functionality of my phone.”

Heath Roberts

“Swagadellic it's DRIPPING swagger juice mayne.”

Nathan Taylor

“A great way to get rid of terrible apps like Facebook.”

Ben Alderfer