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Lite Apps are fast and lean Web apps, tightly integrated with Android.

Think your browser already does everything?

If you’re wondering:

  • Why not just go to the site?
  • I can already add web sites to my home screen!
  • I have an ad blocker

… then you’re missing out why people love Hermit!

Hermit is hard to describe. But once people try it, they love it, stick with it, and prefer to use it over the browser that came with their phone.

Our best answer for you is — just try it out.

Spend 5 minutes with Hermit to see why 100s of 1000s of our happy users have rated it 4.6+ stars

Better Than Native Apps & Traditional Browsers

  • Lite Apps take up almost no space, best for low storage devices
  • They don’t run in the background, which saves battery
  • Settings, permissions, themes & icons are saved separately for each Lite App



Multiple Profiles / Containers

  • Sandboxes keep your Web browsing isolated in separate containers.
  • Use multiple accounts, all active at the same time, in the same browser.
  • Keep work accounts and personal accounts separate.
  • Ideal for privacy-invasive social sites.
  • Use permanent Incognito Mode for sites that offer free content to new users.

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User Scripts

  • Run your own custom scripts on any page, or pick from our own innovative features that are built entirely as User Scripts.
  • User Scripts can also be run as bookmarklets: not automatically but only if you choose to run it.

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Content Blocker

  • Hermit includes a built-in Content Blocker for Ads, Malware, Fake News, and other unwanted content, and it is enabled by default for all Lite Apps you create.
  • Ad Blocking in general is a cat and mouse game. It is still possible for certain ads to make their way through the ad blocker. If you see this, send us a screenshot with the exact URL of the page and we will add those ads to the next release of the block list.

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Reader Mode & Dark Mode

  • For all night owls who like to read at night, Hermit is happy to bring you Dark Mode.
  • You can set any Lite App individually to Dark Mode, and all pages you view will be rendered on a dark background.

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