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If you’re wondering:

  • Why not just go to the site?
  • I can already add web sites to my home screen!
  • I have an ad blocker

… then you’re missing out why people love Hermit!

Hermit is hard to describe. But once people try it, they love it, stick with it, and prefer to use it over the browser that came with their phone.

Our best answer for you is — just try it out.

Spend 5 minutes with Hermit to see why 100s of 1000s of our happy users have rated it 4.6+ stars

Better Than Native Apps & Traditional Browsers

  • Lite Apps take up almost no space, best for low storage devices
  • They don’t run in the background, which saves battery
  • Settings, permissions, themes & icons are saved separately for each Lite App



Multiple Profiles / Containers

  • Sandboxes keep your Web browsing isolated in separate containers.
  • Use multiple accounts, all active at the same time, in the same browser.
  • Keep work accounts and personal accounts separate.
  • Ideal for privacy-invasive social sites.
  • Use permanent Incognito Mode for sites that offer free content to new users.

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User Scripts

  • Run your own custom scripts on any page, or pick from our own innovative features that are built entirely as User Scripts.
  • User Scripts can also be run as bookmarklets: not automatically but only if you choose to run it.

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Content Blocker

  • Hermit includes a built-in Content Blocker for Ads, Malware, Fake News, and other unwanted content, and it is enabled by default for all Lite Apps you create.
  • Ad Blocking in general is a cat and mouse game. It is still possible for certain ads to make their way through the ad blocker. If you see this, send us a screenshot with the exact URL of the page and we will add those ads to the next release of the block list.

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Reader Mode & Dark Mode

  • For all night owls who like to read at night, Hermit is happy to bring you Dark Mode.
  • You can set any Lite App individually to Dark Mode, and all pages you view will be rendered on a dark background.

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Reviews on Google Play

“I only leave negative reviews since 99% of the mobile market is riddled with anti consumer stuff. But this app is the rare 1% that's actually good and respects the customers. This app can do so much, you won't know until you try it yourself, and it's one of those apps that you should install on every new phone. This review is for the Premium version, I only used the free one for a few minutes before upgrading.”

2024-03-29T23:19:33Z DesaCr8

“Great app. Makes using a PWA much more easier and straightforward”

2024-02-26T15:13:35Z Mohamad Asyraf

“Truly fantastic app. It is great to have properly sandboxed websites. Plenty of other excellent features. Great job dev!”

2024-02-17T18:30:11Z J W

“I love the feeling of deleting an app because I could just make a customizable web app with Hermit. Really appreciate the dev for this one, since I was always so low on phone space before I found Hermit. The customization options are perfecto- feels just like a regular app. The privacy is on point. Only request I'd make is some type of folder-system option for the home page due to utilizing the web apps so much.”

2024-01-31T22:54:58Z Scarlett Worm

“I'm 'really' impressed with this. It's essentially creating an app out of any website. Although it requires a "little" work to setup, the final product isn't as bloated as many of the homespun apps that many developers are creating for their website. I just set up one for the new AI from GAB ( Hermit is wayyy underrated ... Do you have any HowTo videos that I can send to friends?”

2024-01-27T23:59:21Z Timothy Gott

“It's very good for the websites you visit often and want to be able to have an app version I use it for AO3 since they don't have an official app”

2024-01-22T21:52:54Z Phoenix Blake

“Small, handy and functional.”

2024-01-21T22:27:40Z Meneer Ikke

“Works well as a way to bind some personal web-apps to the homepage as apps.”

2024-01-21T21:07:52Z Chad Lubrecht

“great concept and wonderful execution”

2024-01-21T19:11:12Z Avi Elmaliah

“Its great for difficult websites or when you have multiple accounts with the same site”

2024-01-14T21:49:28Z Chris

“En el uso que le doy, me gusta la aplicación.”

2024-01-12T05:10:54Z Henry Ramos

“Coolest app ever”

2024-01-11T10:23:16Z Pablo Di Luozzo

“Great tool for those overly tracky sites... FB, IG, X, etc.”

2024-01-04T19:18:55Z Mike P

“Makes browsing so much easier in loads of ways.”

2023-12-29T00:23:13Z Katherine Le Flufy

“Great app for seniors using smart phones. I used this to make a link to ooma voicemail. User can now access voicemail with one click. Dead simple to set up.”

2023-12-28T23:21:45Z Cheri Kendrick

“Unas de las mejores aplicaciones para navegar, la recomiendo con toda seguridad muy buena y excelente”

2023-12-25T13:59:06Z Elaide Duany

“Utilissima, ho cercato qualcosa di simile a lungo per aiutarmi a ridurre il tempo passato allo smartphone avendo a disposizione solo i siti più utili e quest'app fa proprio al caso!”

2023-12-19T11:30:10Z Leonardo Morotti

“I cried literal tears of joy when I learned of this browser. It's incredible. Whoever developed this app is my new hero. This will change the way you browse in the best way possible.”

2023-12-16T06:12:20Z Ashley Burchett-Overholt

“I love it. All I need to have isolated web apps. I has been looking for something similar for a long time.”

2023-12-05T14:25:15Z Àlex


2023-12-01T06:42:09Z Corina Göhler

“Awsome app and the people building it are great too they really show that they want to make the app as best as possible because if you have an issue or you think there is a way how the app can improve they would listen to your advice about improving the app or help you with any issue that you may have looking forward to seeing the continued improvements the app will make.”

2023-11-26T19:22:08Z Elijah Turnbull

“Fast and smooth, a very useful app. It has helped me save on storage space on my device. Most of the apps can be used via their web apps with full functionality using the versatile Hermit. Thanks a ton to the developers.”

2023-11-23T05:55:40Z Rustam Nizam

“Great browser app!”

2023-11-20T00:56:35Z l

“This app really has changed the way I consume content! No faults on an Android 13 device. The app is definitely worth the price. And a very special "thank you" for not requiring a subscription.”

2023-11-17T13:45:00Z J D

“works faster than lightest browser”

2023-11-15T04:27:40Z Stijn Martens

“Fast, simple, and ideal for a mobile app using a website.”

2023-11-10T21:12:45Z daniel costola

“Excellent. Does exaclty what i need it to.”

2023-11-03T18:57:00Z Aslak Randers Pehrson

“Unique. Uniquely powerful. Elegantly done considering the limitations imposed by Android. Excellent.”

2023-10-23T20:34:08Z Peter Kingswell

“After about 4 years of use, it's the best anti-monitoring, battery saving, spam halting app I've ever installed. I used to run a bunch of apps on it but ended up dropping them all together, now I use it for FB and Steam. I NEVER have reminders or notifications from either service. 6 stars out of 5”

2023-10-19T20:23:59Z Patryk Ryszanek

“Amazing app! Also, devs listen to feedback and implement changes wherever possible.”

2023-10-17T23:34:30Z Rohan B

“Fantastic app that can replace many other poor quality 3rd party apps.”

2023-10-10T23:25:29Z Zac Montuori

“Great app, great response to my support request”

2023-10-08T05:00:49Z Daniel Daugherty

“I've had my pixel fold for 3 months but I should've installed this app on day one. Makes any website into a full screen app. Beautiful and brilliant. 🤯”

2023-10-06T20:37:43Z Jonathan Mendoza

“Perfetta, veloce . funzionale e soprattutto senza pubblicità alla grande 👍👍👍”

2023-09-30T06:25:47Z Michele la rocca

“Amazing. Does what it says perfectly. No issues at all. Great for reading news and comics.”

2023-09-22T04:40:15Z Benjamin Law

“Perfect for sandboxing websites. Let's you create bookmarks, run custom scripts, block content, and force a user agent. Also allows per site search strings, notifications, and monitoring site updates. Only fault is it doesn't allow for custom adblock lists, but it does include multiple robust lists. Quickest app purchase I've ever made.”

2023-09-20T12:56:37Z Eliah Podulke

“Have used this for years. Would recommend.”

2023-09-07T02:14:35Z Austin Kaufman

“Never knew I needed this. I am using free version currently and it is already very useful.”

2023-09-06T22:33:19Z sorcerer MD

“Been using it for years. I'm my top 5 most useful apps.”

2023-09-06T12:21:11Z Jeff

“Takes some getting used to but now one of the main ways i use websites on my phone. Makes me feel happier that my data is slightly less accessible to others.”

2023-09-06T11:50:28Z Ben Freeman

“This app protects my privacy by preventing tracking being possible. I use it for Facebook, Twitter and other sites. I'd never use the Facebook app as it steals your data.”

2023-09-06T08:01:14Z Paul Mansfield

“Using it as a workaround for a better tablet experience on a foldable”

2023-09-05T08:58:42Z Rigel Pesit

“This type of browser is so exciting to me, I love all the features that aren't typical of other browsers.”

2023-09-01T21:30:10Z Kate Krystal

“Geniale und intuitive App. Dadurch wird das eigene Smartphone leichtgewichtiger, da man speicher- und prozessintensive Apps wie Facebook etc. nicht mehr benötigt.”

2023-08-26T08:55:07Z Daniel Karasani

“I have been using this app as an alternate for the official Instagram and Facebook app and it has been a lifesaver. It's fast and it removes the trackers too. Also, my phone battery lasts a long time because I can choose it to not run the app in the background. I am grateful to the developer for making this app.”

2023-08-24T16:46:37Z Imran Hussain

“Does the job well. Minimal but functional.”

2023-08-17T02:38:59Z Vikram Goel

“Bar none, this is the most intuitive, fast, and battery friendly, browser, I've ever found.”

2023-08-16T12:42:27Z Thomas Molloy

“Very easy to set up for an app-like experience on a website I use frequently and wanted to launch from my app dock. I went in prepared to spend a good 15 minutes fussing and configuring, but nope. This just works. Took about one minute including download.”

2023-08-04T16:28:14Z Dan Stewart

“Very good app. I got the premium version. I am using it to view the mobile versions of websites instead of their apps, if they have, saving a lot of gb in the process, battery and mobile data from the random connections for content updates they do on their own”

2023-08-04T11:21:45Z Alex Gene

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