Hermit • Lite Apps Browser

Native Integrations in Hermit

Hermit aims to bring Lite Apps up to par with native Android apps. It offers multiple integration points for your Lite Apps, such as native notifications and in-app search.

Search from the Hermit action bar by configuring a Search URL. All you need to do is put the characters “%s” where you expect the query to be, and Hermit will do the rest.

E.g. for Google, the URL usually looks like this:


So you would enter this into Hermit:


For Facebook, it should be:



Sharing text from other apps to Hermit Lite Apps is supported. At this time, you cannot share photos or videos directly from other apps into Hermit. (You can browse photos and videos from your phone and upload them from within Hermit.)

For sharing, multiple formats are supported. Some sites only accept a URL (e.g. Facebook) while other sites accept Text as well as URLs. Use whichever one you prefer. Here are some examples:

Parameters are: