Set As Default Browser

The most-requested feature in Hermit is finally here!

This is a new feature in Hermit, currently available only via the Early Access Program. To use it, you need to subscribe to the Early Access Program in the app.

You can now set Hermit to be your default Web browser on Android.

If you have already created a Lite App for a particular site, all links corresponding to it will open in that Lite App.

Any other links (for which there is no corresponding Lite App) will open in Incognito Mode by default.

Incognito By Default

Privacy has always been a core feature of Hermit. With this release, we reinforce that by making Incognito Mode the default for all links where this is no existing Lite App.

This is similar to browsers like Firefox Focus.

How to Enable

  1. Launch Hermit.
  2. Tap on the Settings gear icon in the top right corner.
  3. Scroll down to locate the two settings below.
  4. Turn them both on.

Enable as Browser

Whether or not Hermit should show up in the list of system browsers.

Set as Default Browser

Whether Hermit should be set as the Default Browser for all other applications.

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This is a new feature in Hermit, and we are always looking to hear from you.

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