Hermit • Lite Apps Browser

Premium Features

Hermit offers several Premium Features; this Help Article reflects the current set of features in the latest Hermit release.

Sandbox: Multiple Profiles / Containers

Hermit is the only Android browser with Sandboxes: completely separate Containers that let you use Multiple Profiles. With the Sandbox feature, you can:

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Custom Block Lists in Content Blocker

With Premium, you can individually select the block lists that should be active for the Content Blocker.

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Tracking Parameter Remover

Many advertisers & data brokers add extra parameters to Web addresses that are only used to track users’ browsing habits. Turn on Tracking Parameter Removal in Hermit to safeguard your privacy.

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User Scripts

Run your own custom scripts on any page, or pick from our own innovative features that are built entirely as User Scripts.

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Reader App

Distraction-free reading on the Web, with Hermit: no ads, no navigation bars, no clutter.

From any other browser or app, share articles to the Reader app, which utilizes Hermit’s custom article parsing technology to provide you a cleaned-up reader view. Once you start using this, you’ll want to read every article this way. Nothing is ever saved — no adding to lists, no history. Ideal for quick reads!

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Printing & Save to PDF

Printing is fully-supported in Hermit, allowing you to generate PDFs from any Web page as well.

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Tags are a great way to organize all your Lite Apps. Especially useful if you’ve created tons of them!

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Custom User Agent

Besides the standard “Mobile” and “Desktop” user agents, you can configure a custom User Agent for every Lite App individually to see a different browsing experience than the default.

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Backup and Restore

You can backup all your manually-configured Lite Apps and restore them later on the same or another device.

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