This is a Premium-only feature. To use it, you need to upgrade to Premium in the app.

Each Lite App can be tagged with one or more tags in its Settings. On the main app screen, a row of tags appears at the bottom, below all app icons, where you can select the tag you’d like to browse, and all Lite Apps with a matching tag are shown above.

Adding or Modifying Tags

  1. Launch your Hermit Lite App.
  2. Swipe in from the right edge to reveal the “Quick Settings” sidebar.
  3. In the Quick Settings list, tap on the “More Settings” button.
  4. Under “Tags”, use the checkboxes to apply tags from the existing ones.
  5. To create a new tag, press the (+) button and enter the name of the tag.

Reset Tags to see all Lite Apps

If you are only seeing Lite Apps that match a tag, then click the left-most button on the tag bar to un-select all current tags. This will show all Lite Apps, irrespective of their tags, on the main app screen.