Reader Mode

Distraction-free reading on the Web, with Hermit: no ads, no navigation bars, no clutter.

Hermit incorporates a full-fledged Text Browser: Reader Mode in Hermit is not a dead end. Unlike many other browsers, you can switch between Reader Mode and Web Mode whenever you want: click on links in Reader Mode, then switch to Web Mode to view images, and switch back to read an article, etc.

Optimized for Legibility

Brand New Text Extraction Engine

When we started working on Reader Mode, we tested many open-source text extraction engines, but found none to be good enough. So we created our own fork, Crux, and improved it sufficiently to support all the features we wanted. And we’ve open-sourced all our work: if you’re an Android developer, check it out: we’d love for all of us to share a solid, robust text extraction library so that we can improve it collaboratively.