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WebView Crash Protection

This app uses the Android WebView component to render Web pages, like many browsers on Android.

WebView Crashes Happen

Either because of bugs in the JavaScript engine, or due to issues with rollout of new versions, like it happened in March 2021.

This also caused other apps that use WebView to crash as well, including Hermit.

Crash Protection in Hermit

We took our lessons from it, and have thoroughly re-engineered Hermit v19, so even if WebView crashes, Hermit can help you recover from it.

Try it out with this sample page that will cause any Chromium-based browser, including Chrome, to crash: https://ronsor.github.io/byechrome.html?ok=bye (If you’re curious how other browsers handle this, try this URL in any browser!)

WebView Update Reminders

If the version of WebView on your phone is outdated, Hermit will remind you to update it. This ensures that you are always ahead of any security vulnerabilities or bugs that have already been fixed in the latest version of WebView.