Pull to Refresh

Fresh data is just one swipe away.

Tap anywhere on a Lite App, and pull down to refresh the Lite App. Not all native apps allow you to do this, but any Hermit Lite App can do this.

How to turn it off

Some Lite Apps implement their own scrolling or pull-to-refresh behavior which may interfere with Hermit’s in-built Pull to Refresh feature. In such cases, you can turn it off for the specific Lite App (while still keeping it on for all your other Lite Apps.)

  1. Launch your Hermit Lite App.
  2. Swipe in from the right edge to reveal the “Quick Settings” sidebar.
  3. In the Quick Settings list, tap on the “More Settings” button.
  4. Under “Behavior”, turn off “Pull to Refresh”.

What about other browsers?

Hermit uses the standard Android WebView Component as its rendering engine. Compared to large browsers such as Chrome (which have their own rendering engine built in), there are limited ways for app such as Hermit to interact with the underlying rendering engine. The only way we can get to parity is by including a full rendering engine in Hermit, which is a monumental task that’s best left to large companies with thousands of engineers!