Hermit • Lite Apps Browser

Compare with Other Browsers

We often get the question, “But I can already do this in other browsers, why do I need Hermit”.

It’s usually from someone who has just recently seen Hermit, and not had a chance to explore the advanced features that it offers.

To them, we say, hey try it out for yourself, and you’ll discover a whole new way to browse on your phone.

Feature Comparison

Hermit Chrome
on Android
on Android
Sandboxed Containers
Brand new feature!
Per-Site Settings Limited options
(deep inside Settings)
Ad Supported
(owned by Google)

(Google pays Mozilla)
Integrated Ad Blocker
Add-Ons available
At some performance cost
Open Source
and here’s why!

only Chromium is
Feed Notifications
Web Monitors
Share to Sites
from other apps
Curated Library
100+ Lite Apps
Random Articles
on Home Page


Reader Mode
Dark Mode
For web content too!
Bookmarklets / Extensions
/ Add-Ons

Only Bookmarklets

Certain Allowed Add-Ons only
Full Screen Mode
Check it out!

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