Compare with Other Browsers

Hermit is not a traditional browser

You don’t see the typical search box or URL box in Hermit. This is intentional. Because of this, Hermit Lite Apps feel more like Native Apps than browser pages.

While Chrome also allows icons on your home screen, you get:

Hermit Lite Apps are much more than a Home Screen Icon

Lite Apps are not just another Browser Tab

Other browsers open a new tab every time you click on a home-screen icon. That’s not how native apps work. With Hermit, if you tap on an icon and you already have that app open, it will launch instantly — no new tab, no waiting for the same page to be downloaded again.

This integration is miles ahead of anything you can do today with home screen shortcuts in any other browser.

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Custom Settings for every Lite App

For every Lite App, you can set customized preferences, including

Full-Screen ModeFrameless ModeDark ModeDesktop Mode

In other browsers, even simple settings such as “Request desktop site” are forgotten and must be toggled manually every single time.

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Atom/RSS Feed Notifications

Hermit supports Notifications for any RSS feed from any site, a technology which is implemented by several million sites! Chrome only supports push notifications if a site implements it on their end (and 99.99%+ sites don’t).

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Still More Unique Features

Organized Bookmarks

In Hermit, only the bookmarks relevant to the current Lite App are shown in the Sidebar, making them very easy to find and use. Try it. Other browsers’ Bookmarks UI has not changed since the early days of Netscape, and many users are left with 100’s or 1000’s of bookmarks that they can never find again.

Themes & Icons

Pick from a million different color themes. Use your own icons.

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Full-Screen & Frameless Modes

Load any site in Full-Screen Mode or Frameless Mode.

Dark Mode

Not only does the entire Hermit app have a dark theme, but also every Lite App you use can be rendered in your choice of 10 dark themes.

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Reader Mode

Hermit can optimize any article for reading by removing non-essential navigation, clutter, and sidebars. Read with your choice of 4 color themes, 15 fonts, and 20 font sizes.

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Privacy and Security Features

Hermit Respects Your Privacy

Hermit does not send your browsing activity to any server. We make money through your Premium purchase, and do not show any ads, or sell your personal information, or track your activity.

Ad Blocker

Hermit has a built-in Ad Blocker with a regularly-updated block list, with no subscription fees, and no root required.

Malware Blocker

You cannot get a virus or malware with Hermit, since all malware links are blocked before you even see them.

Native Apps Blocker

Hermit blocks the installation of native apps, so you will never suddenly see your phone taken over by a malicious advertisement wanting you to download a native app which could damage your device.

Custom Privacy Settings for every Lite App

You can turn on or off each permission, including geolocation, photos, videos, and file uploads for each Lite App.

Many sites use third-party cookies to track your behavior across sites (that’s how you see Facebook Ads for whatever you bought on Amazon last week). Hermit can block them for you.

Stay Tuned for Upcoming Features

The list goes on. We’re continuously building new features that keep us ahead of the competition.