Hermit • Lite Apps Browser

Phishing & Malware Protection

Hermit comes with a native built-in Ad Blocker and Malware Blocker.

Your Browsing Activity Stays Private

Absolutely zero information about your browsing activity is shared with us when these lists are downloaded to your phone.

When you visit a page, Hermit checks its address against this downloaded block list and decides whether or not to block it. Everything is done on your phone. Your browsing activity is private to you, and the sites you visit are not shared with us.

When you visit a suspected phishing site or malware site, Hermit requests a double-check to ensure that the site is still considered a risk since the last time the list was updated. At this time, partial information derived from the address of a site is used to determine whether it is malware, and may be shared with our malware protection provider. This request does not include the address of the visited site, it only contains partial information derived from the address.

Strong Privacy Policy

This is the same privacy policy used by open-source browsers such as Firefox.