Hermit • Lite Apps Browser

Showcasing the Best Lite Apps

The Hermit Lite Apps Library is a curated collection of the best Lite Apps around the world. We hand-pick Lite Apps that work well on mobile, are super-fast to load, and do not annoy users.

Send us your recommendations and tell us why we should include it, and also where you are from (country / region), so we can see where particular Lite Apps are popular.

Criteria for including a Lite App

A Lite App must meet all the criteria listed below for us to consider it.

  1. Available on the Web: Hermit is a Web browser, and it can create Lite Apps for content that is available on the Web. If certain content is not available on a Web site, there is no magical way to create a Lite App for it.
  2. Mobile Friendly: A Lite App must work well on mobile, and be optimized for it. Sites that require horizontal scrolling, or those that don’t use reasonably large font sizes, will not be considered.
  3. Full Functionality: Lite Apps must not block Mobile Web users from accessing the full content that is available to the users of their native apps.
  4. Light & Fast: Lite Apps must be light. Bloated sites that take too long to render or download too much data will not be considered.
  5. No Download Banners: Lite Apps must not annoy the user with aggressive pop-ups asking them to download their native apps.
  6. General Audience: We want to include Lite Apps that many of our users will find interesting. If a particular Lite App is only of limited interest to a specific set of people, or belonging to a very niche category, it may not be a good candidate for the Library.
  7. No Nudity or Violence: According to the Terms and Conditions of Google Play, we are not allowed to provide access to content that includes nudity or violence.

Contact Web App Publishers, Not Us

The following Web Apps don’t work well in Hermit or in any other mobile browser. We encourage you to contact the companies that make them, and insist that they develop a Mobile Web App that actually works. Hermit is a Web Browser, and we don’t control any sites on the Internet.

Create Your Own instead

You can use any Lite Apps with Hermit even if they are not available from the Hermit Library.

Simply use the “Create Your Own” option, type in the site’s address yourself, pick your own icon, and you’re done. Lite Apps created this way work exactly the same way as those that are set up from the Library.