Launchers with Known Issues

Icons disappearing? It’s your launcher, not Hermit

There is a standard Shortcuts API on Android for adding icons to your home screen, and most launchers support it well. However, some launchers have bugs.

The Shortcuts API works like this: Hermit asks your Launcher to create an icon by passing it an image and a title. After that point, there is no interaction between Hermit and your Launcher, and it is the Launcher’s responsibility to maintain those icons at their correct positions, with the correct icons & titles.

Typical Symptoms

We recommend you report these bugs to your launcher developers.

Work Around

Instead of Hermit requesting your launcher to add an icon, you can have your launcher ask Hermit for an icon. To do this

  1. Follow your launcher’s instructions for adding a New Shortcut or Widget
  2. From that list, pick “Hermit — Create a Lite App”
  3. Then pick your Lite App from the list that appears.

There is no guarantee this will work in a buggy launcher, but it is definitely worth trying. So, in addition, please contact your launcher developer and inform them of the bug in their software.

We highly recommend Google’s own Google Now Launcher, which is available for free in the Google Play Store to install on any Android phone.

Launchers with Bugs

Please reach out to the developers of these launchers to file bugs with them.