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Hermit and Chrome Progressive Web Apps

Chrome’s Add to Home Screen

Chrome allows web sites to be added to your home screen, like Hermit, but that’s where the similarity ends. We believe Hermit offers superior customization and control that Chrome does not, while Chrome offers background app processing & push notifications that Hermit does not.

Apps in the App Drawer

Chrome announced in February 2017 that Progressive Web Apps can now be added to your app drawer, just like a native app. This way, Web Apps can appear anywhere that Native Apps can.

We think this is a wonderful development, and happy that Chrome has chosen to pursue this path too!

Can Hermit use this?

At present, Chrome has not announced any kind of API or Developer Documentation about this feature, so we have no details to announce either.

In contrast, we have several reasons why we think integrating Hermit with this would not be in the best interests of all our users. Here’s why.

But … App Drawer

Although Hermit Lite Apps cannot be added to the App Drawer, they can be added as Shortcuts to any launcher. All launchers support adding Widgets, so consult your launcher’s documentation about how to add a Widget.

We are constantly looking for ways to improve the Hermit user experience, so if you have suggestions, definitely get in touch with us via email!