Generating APKs from Hermit Lite Apps

APKs are packaged Android apps that can run on any Android device. Hermit creates Lite Apps, which are fast, tiny Web Apps with native Android integration.

Hermit does not currently support exporting APKs

Most of the functionality of Lite Apps is actually provided by the main Hermit app.

Sharing Hermit Lite Apps with others

You can share Hermit Lite Apps with friends and family from within Hermit. Simply tap on the three-dots menu at the right of each Lite App, and select Share.

This shares a custom format Lite App, with the extension .hermit. The recipient must also have the Hermit app installed in order to open and set up shared Lite Apps.

Can I upload Hermit Lite Apps to Google Play Store?

No, it is not possible to upload Hermit Lite Apps directly to Google Play Store.

Can I use Hermit Lite Apps from the App Drawer?

Check out this Help Article about the App Drawer.