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Early Access Program — Discontinued

Everyone hates subscriptions, and we’re discontinuing the Early Access Program.

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We are thankful to all our Early Access Program users whose feedback and suggestions have shaped Hermit into the app it is today. Your ongoing support has made it possible to shape Hermit into the awesome productivity tool it is today, and for us to deliver the customer service experience that we have become known for.

But it’s clear that users are getting tired of too many subscriptions, and would much rather prefer a one-time purchase model. To be sure, all Premium features in Hermit are already available as a one-time purchase. The Early Access Program offered the same featues — but earlier — to those who subscribed.

Moving forward, all new features will be available immediately to everyone who upgraded to Premium.

We will also continue to offer individual features as separate one-time purchases for life-time access for those who don’t want to purchase the full Premium bundle.

The Revenue Gap

Our reasons for starting the Early Access Program are still as relevant today. Creating, designing, and building new features takes valuable engineering resources. It’s not free. We remain committed to offering you free updates and free new features for a lifetime.

If you’d like to support our mission beyond the one-time Premium payment, we gladly accept tips through the app, and thank you for your gratitude. Tips are completely optional, and available via the Settings menu or contact us for other payment options.

What do Other Apps do?

For comparison, other apps have taken different approaches. None of them are ideal, and we are not fans of any of them.

We are committed to securing your privacy, and none of our products contain any advertising in them.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Subscriptions are handled directly by Google Play. Get Help from Google Play Support.

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