Hermit Beta

The purpose of the Beta Program is for you to try out new features and provide us meaningful, constructive feedback about it before it is made widely available to others.

You should only sign up for the Beta if:

  1. You are willing to run unstable software. Side effects may include temporary issues with certain functionality, increased battery drain, and possibly even loss of data.
  2. You are willing to send us polite, constructive, feedback about new features & any bugs you may find.

Specifically, the Beta program is NOT for those who only want early access to new features. We encourage you to subscribe to our Early Access Program instead.

If you have a history of providing us good, interesting, feedback with detailed steps, screenshots, and videos, we will approve your membership quickly. Otherwise you may have to wait until a spot becomes available. We are intentionally limiting the number of users in the Beta Program to minimize the risk of a buggy update causing trouble to many users at once.

How to get the Beta

Thank you for participating! We are excited to have you join us in improving Hermit!