Premium Unlocker App

Although we recommend the Google Play in-app purchase (IAP) to upgrade to Hermit Premium, several users have informed us that they encounter problems this way.

Here are a few alternatives:

Buy Unlocker App on Google Play

Instead of IAP, you can buy the separate Unlocker app through Google Play. Hermit Premium Unlocker can be shared with up to 6 family members using Google Play Family Library.

Buy Unlocker App via Paypal

If you are not able to buy using Google Play, you can also buy the Unlocker app directly from us using PayPal.

Buy with PayPal

One-time Purchase, Lifetime License

Hermit Premium is a single-payment lifetime purchase, not a recurring subscription.

If you already purchased Premium using any method, you will always stay upgraded to Hermit Premium and will get access to current and future new Premium features.