Student Offer Discontinued

Everyone can now use Hermit for Unlimited Free Lite Apps, starting with version 13.

So we have decided to discontinue the Student Offer.

But Why?!

In order to validate Student ID cards, we needed to examine and manually process every single ID card that was emailed to us. With the increasing popularity of Hermit, we are receiving a huge volume of feature requests.

Answering each request manually takes valuable time away from development and creating new features, so unfortunately this is not the best use of our time, and is no longer sustainable.

It’s Already Free!

But don’t worry, we made sure to make most of the core features of the app free for everyone, so even if you don’t buy Premium, you can still run Unlimited Free Lite Apps now. We made sure to wait until this was released before discontinuing the Student Offer.

Spread the Word

We hope you continue to love and use Hermit! If you love the app, we would appreciate you taking the time to write a review for us on Google Play, and spread the word among your friends, even those who are not students.