Hermit versions before v16 never supported creating or using multiple Lite Apps for the same domain. We have recently added that support, but unfortunately it requires action on your part to delete & re-create home screen shortcuts on your launch for this feature to work correctly.

Due to recently-added new features in Hermit v16, you may need to re-create home screen shortcuts. Doing this will also enable new advanced features that are coming soon.


As you know, Hermit 16 introduced a new feature “Set as Default Browser” where it can open any link directly. To be able to do this, it tries to match the incoming link URL to a few things from your saved Lite Apps, in order.

If you created home screen shortcuts in your launcher before January 2020, and are seeing links being opened in the wrong Lite App, please delete the existing shortcuts from your launcher (i.e. outside Hermit), and re-create them from Hermit.

This is a one-time upgrade required, and unfortunately, there is no way for Hermit to automatically update these shortcuts because they are controlled and managed by your launcher app, not by Hermit.