Adding Apps to the App Drawer

Can I add Lite Apps to the App Drawer instead of the Home Screen?

Unfortunately, the Android API does not allow us to do this. Apps are only allowed to create shortcut icons on the home screen, not in the app drawer.

Then how come some other apps do it?

Only those app icons which are registered in the downloaded Android APK file at the time of app development are allowed. This means that if an app supports only one or two or three specific App Icons, then it can list them all during app development, and those will be allowed in the App Drawer.

E.g. Many Facebook or Twitter wrapper apps that only work for one or two sites do this.

Since our goal with Hermit is to work for any and all of the billion+ web sites out there, it is not possible to include a static list inside the app itself.

So, what can be done instead?

Try the Hermit App Widget: add the 1×1 icon to your home screen, and select the app it should open. This can be used even as a work-around for certain launchers that don’t fully support the Shortcut Icons API that Hermit uses.