Contacting Us about Hermit

Your time is valuable, and we appreciate that you spent it sending us feedback, either directly, or by writing a review for Hermit.

We take your feedback seriously, and are always looking to improve the app based on your feedback.

Here are some tips on the quickest way to get help from us.

Seeing a problem with Hermit?

Please accept our apologies! While we do our best to test Hermit on many devices and configurations, there are several thousands of Android devices in the world, and sometimes there are issues that only affect devices from certain manufacturers whose devices do not completely follow the Android Compatibility Standards.

We will make sure you are happy!

No matter what your problem is, we want to make sure you are happy. Help us help you by following these quick tips to make sure your voice is heard.

Don’t use reviews to report problems

Hermit is not (yet!) perfect, and we admit there may be occasional problems. Complaining about the app online will not help you get your problem fixed.

  1. Reviews restrict us to reply within 350 characters, which is hardly enough space to discuss technical issues.
  2. We are excited to let you know when any problems are fixed, but we can’t do that via Google Play.
  3. If we need more information, such as screenshots, your email address is not shared with us when you write a review, so we can’t reply or offer you personalized help.
  4. It may “feel good” to tell the world that you faced a problem with Hermit, but it really does nothing to solve your problem.

Most users who write to us directly end up so happy they go on to write 5-star reviews praising not just the app, but also our support experience. We encourage you to take advantage of it.

Even 4-star ratings reduce our average rating

Hermit has been rated 4.6+ stars by our thousands of users. So any rating below a perfect 5-star rating reduces the average rating.

We often see reviews where users tell they love the app, but then rate it 4-stars, bringing our average score down, compared to if they had never rated the app at all.

If you love the app, tell us so, and tell the world loudly with a 5-star rating! We appreciate it, and your friends will too.

A Few Things to Keep in Mind

First, check if the problem is temporary

Try restarting your phone

Many problems in Android are temporary and will go away as soon as you restart the phone. Try this first.

Try with other browsers

View the problematic site in other browsers such as Chrome or Firefox to verify if it’s a server-side issue that may affect all browsers equally. If you see a problem in all browsers, then it’s a server-side issue, and you will need to contact the operator of that site, not us.

We have no control over any sites on the Internet

Many people write to us when Facebook or Google or Twitter remove certain popular features, or when these sites change their look and feel. We would like to remind you that Hermit is a browser, like Chrome or Firefox. We don’t do any special handling for any site.

If any features are changed or missing from any site, please contact the administrators of those sites directly. They’re the only ones who can act upon your suggestions for improvement.

Include Google Play Order Number for purchase problems

That is the only way we can track your purchase. We cannot see your email address, we cannot see your names. Include the Google Play Order Number as text, not as a screenshot.

Facebook and Twitter are not our official support channels

Although we may occasionally reply to you via Facebook or Twitter, these are not our official support channels, and your messages may be missed. We do not make any promise that we will address your support queries via these channels.

We recommend reaching out to us directly through the app, or via email, so we can correctly track your support request, offer you help, and make sure you are happy at the end.

Remember, we are here to make sure you are happy!

Thank you for your support.