Scriptlets: Better Bookmarklets

This is a Premium-only feature. To use it, you need to upgrade to Premium in the app.

Run your own custom scripts on any page, or pick from our own innovative features that are built entirely as Scriptlets.

Like Bookmarklets, But Better

Scriptlets are just like bookmarklets in desktop browsers, but better. Since they have nothing to do with bookmarks in Hermit, we decided to call them Scriptlets instead.

Dedicated Custom Button

Scriptlets have their own button in Hermit, not mixed with your actual bookmarks.

  1. Launch your Hermit Lite App.
  2. Swipe in from the right edge to reveal the “Quick Settings” sidebar.
  3. Tap on “Scriptlets”
  4. Select the Scriptlet to run on the current page.

That’s it!

Create Your Own

  1. Launch the Hermit main app.
  2. Press the icon in the top right corner.
  3. Scroll down to Scriptlets.
  4. To add a new Scriptlet, press the (+) button. Pick a name, paste the content as JavaScript, and save.
  5. To edit existing Scriptlets, press the icon, update the content, and save.

Newly-added Scriptlets will be available in all Lite Apps after the Lite App is re-launched.

No Encoding, No Squishing onto a Single Line

Traditional bookmarklets, because they can only be accessed via the bookmarks menu, needed to be encoded and squished onto a single line.

Not so with Hermit: you can use as many lines as you want, then save as a .js file.

New Features as Scriptlets

Scriptlets are a great way for us to deliver new Hermit features as well!

Google Translate

Translate the current page in Google Translate.

QR Code for This Page

Quickly share the current page with anyone: tap to view a QR Code for the current page that anyone can open on their own phone, Android or iOS

Enable Text Copying

Some sites such as Facebook restrict you from copying/pasting content. Use this Scriptlet to bypass this restriction.

Google Define

Copy a word or phrase in your Lite App, then use this Scriptlet to look it up on Google Define.

Google Web Lite

Save data by viewing a minified version of the current page using Google’s Web Light Transcoder.

Let It Snow

A fun scriptlet that will make it snow on any web page!

Search This Site on Google

Unable to find something on the current site? Use this Scriptlet to search for any term using Google Site Search for the current site.

Show Cookies

Privacy-conscious users can use this option to look up the cookies for the current page.

Urban Dictionary

Copy a word or phrase in your Lite App, then use this Scriptlet to look it up on Urban Dictionary.


Android WebView (based on Chromium) does not correctly follow the W3C spec for Content Security Policies, so scriptlets may not run on certain sites. The W3C spec clearly says that:

Policy enforced on a resource SHOULD NOT interfere with the operation of user-agent features like addons, extensions, or bookmarklets. These kinds of features generally advance the user’s priority over page authors, as espoused in [HTML-DESIGN].

Please complain to Google by starring or commenting on this 5-year old bug.