Our Own Indie Store for Downloads and Purchases

Apr 29, 2022

Many of our privacy-conscious users choose to get their Android apps from sources other than Google Play. And Google Play Store is not available in every country around the world either.

We have always offered our own app downloads, directly from us, via our Downloads site at https://downloads.chimbori.com/. We have also supported buying Premium apps directly from us via PayPal at https://hermit.chimbori.com/unlocker.

Today, we are announcing that our apps can be installed and auto-updated via any compatible F-Droid client app.

As you may know, F-Droid is both an app update system and a repository of open-source software. Hermit is not an open-source app, but you can still receive app updates from us using any compatible F-Droid client app.

Chimbori Downloads

Downloads directly from Chimbori

Check out Chimbori Downloads available both via the Web and via F-Droid.

Chimbori Store

Premium Purchases without Google Play

Buy Hermit Premium

If Google Play does not support your country, you can buy our apps from our own store. For Hermit, check out https://hermit.chimbori.com/unlocker (other apps coming soon).

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