Facebook experience deteriorates even further in mobile browsers

Aug 20, 2021

In our experience, and from recent reports from users, it appears that Facebook’s UI in mobile browsers is deterioriating rapidly. Over the past several weeks, random inexplicable yet very obvious bugs have crept in.

Users report the following kinds of issues with Facebook: (this is not an exhaustive list, and there may be more.)

We are concerned about how such obvious issues can continue to make it past their QA department, and are only left to wonder if there may be an alternative explanation.

For context, Facebook recently sent Cease and Desist letters threatening the developers of other such Facebook wrapper apps. In addition to legal threats, they also terminated those app authors’ personal Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp accounts. You can read about it here: Search: facebook wrapper cease and desist.

Our recommendation is to #DeleteFacebook and focus on all the awesome Web sites that don’t offer a degraded experience for mobile Web users.

Moving forward, we cannot offer any future guarantees about Facebook sites in particular.

Of course, every other site will continue to work well in Hermit and any other WebView-based browser.

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